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August 2nd, 2016 by germanguildadmin

Hier unsere Präsentation, die das ganze Vorhaben zusammenfasst, und auch die Planung für die Playa beinhaltet:

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Juli 11th, 2016 by germanguildadmin

This is the current status of the G.E.R.M.A.N. guild project at Burning Man 2016:

The guild is busy preparing the things we’re planning to bring to the playa. This is mostly the smaller, crafted stuff like stamps, costumes, decoration for the workshop and the planned furniture. We’ve decided on the design of most of the necessary things, costumes for the acting members of the guild are in the making, and we ran first tests with a laser-cutter to cut individually shaped stamp cards from those German file holders. They will look great, way better than the originally planned straight-cut cards (see below). Through our Guild Member Eitan we have access to the machines of the Berlin FabLab, which is very cool and kind!

one of the judge robes (sleeves will be added)


Alternative rule pieces: like pearls on a necklace


Logo test in 15“


testing stamp


me as a stamp


this will become part of the decoration of the judge’s chair


Laser cut cardboard. The shape will be modified to allow more space for printing/stamping (on the back side)


test with single letter stamps


some of the leather straps to hang the stamped card around your neck

One of the challenges is to find a good balance between the original plans of furniture, which were planned to be quite simple. Since we have only limited time in the country before the setup phase (some of us arrive only one or two days before), we started with quite modern, easy-to-construct things like desks and workbenches. But seeing first pictures form other guild made us rethink that choice towards more medieval looking furniture, which needs only a little preparation off-site (like drilling holes), and can be easily assembled on the playa. Currently it seems possible that we’ll get also support by a group of three german carpenters who already have tickets (and might take over the three spare early arrival passes).

@Hale: do you have tips about availability of smaller tools like cordless screwdrivers to be lend by the Man construction team or other groups?

Another challenge was group communication. Since parts of our group live in different parts of Germany, we had only a few (and looking back: too less) possibilities to meet. February, May, and from next weekend three meetings in a row in Leipzig (focus on building and testing), Frankfurt (Main) and south of Germany. Only some of us are used to communicate a lot online, so for some people feedback from others took too long too much silent time in between. But it seems that things are heating up now, and everyone is not only quite busy, but also more aware to share it 🙂

Since we are German, we are (or at least I am) starting to develop transportation strategies, since delayed or lost luggage is quite common. We’re going to develop Plan B scenarios and try to avoid too much things in one piece of luggage, so we will still be able to run the workshop even if something gets lost on the way.

So far the part of the progress which I have words and pictures for …

More news will follow after the Leipzig meeting.

Dusty Hugs



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April 9th, 2016 by germanguildadmin

Hi Leute (english below),
unser Planungsteam von den German Burner hat erfolgreich einen Workshop-Platz mit Art Grant an Land gezogen, so dass wir gemeinsam etwas zum Burning Man 2016 beitragen können. Da wir deutsch sind, machen wir die Dinge etwas komplizierter, als nur eine einfache Werkstatt aufzumachen. Unsere Gilde nennt sich „Grand Elaborated Rule Masters And No-holds-barrers (G.E.R.M.A.N.)“, und unser Konzept ist, alte Regeln gegen neue zu tauschen, die dann auf Material wie Aktendeckel oder Körperteile gestempelt werden.
Wenn du Teil von diesem Projekt in der Vorbereitung oder speziell auch auf der Playa sein willst, melde dich flott an unsere Mailingliste an:!forum/german-guild-burning-man-2016 (und bitte stell dir eine Email-Benachrichtigung ein!)
und trag dich vor allem auch (für die Playa) in unserer GERMAN guild Support -Arrivals and Departures Tabelle ein!

Dusty Hugs
Hi Folks,
our planning team of the German Burners has been successful in acquiring a workshop space and an art grant to make a German contribution to Burning Man 2016. Since we are German, things are a littlebit more complicated than just a workshop. Our guild is called „Grand Elaborated Rule Masters And No-holds-barrers (G.E.R.M.A.N.)“, and our concept is to trade rules for new ones, which can then be stamped on things like cardboard or bodyparts.
If you want to become part of this project either in preparation or especially at Burning Man, please sign up quickly at!forum/german-guild-burning-man-2016 (and please activate email notifications!)
and also (for the playa) navigate to our GERMAN guild Support – Arrivals and Departures spreadsheet!

Dusty Hugs

Offizielle Ankündigung / official announcement:

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